With a sustainable approach we support professionals and wine consumer to experience authentic winemaking, viticulture of today and historical heritage

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Drink what you like!

What you like to drink always takes precedence over any recommendation

Let’s work together to develop the idea of combining a language course with cooking lessons and wine tastings

The eclectic nature of the program ensures the possibility to enjoy a tasting experience where we can learn to taste, enjoy and love wines & spirits

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bring the wine world together

Rosy Châu

topical issues around wine, beer, spirits and more

Perfect theme, Perfect…
Walter Schullian
Palazzo Lodron

We had a very interesting meeting with Rosy Châu, talking about exporting Palazzo Lodron wine to Vietnam

Olivia Volpini de Maestri
T & T Solutions
Khanh Quang Lê
Spreti Valente

Best theme, best documentation! Best consultants!

Spreti Valente