Limoux is the oldest AOC regulation in the Languedoc region created in 1929.

Do you know that it was in Limoux where the first sparkling wine has been discovered? it was in 1531 when Benedictine monks produced from the Mauzac varietal the Blanquette de Limoux in the Abbey in Saint Hilaire (about 20km out from Limoux).

What’s about Chardonnay from 4 terroir soils?

In the eighties, Limoux winemakers started to develop Chardonnay still wines fermented in barrels. The quality of these Chardonnays was compared as some of the best like Burgundy white wines.

Like the well-known Hospices de Beaune auction, organized by the winegrowers cooperative Sieur d’Arques every year at the end from the 3 month long during Carnaval de Limoux,

“Toques et Clochers” this event is launched to promote the wines from Limoux and as a charity auction with profits going to the renovation of the 42 bell towers around Limoux area to preserve the local and historical heritage.

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