Saké playing along with French chocolate

Suishin Junmai-Ginjo Tokusen, 15%

Nose: terebentine (résine) by first impression, then pear, after this flowery scent from lily and honeysuckle, lightly woody hint, aniseed (Pastis)

Mouth: soft, nevertheless strong (by alcohol), iodine taste dancing on tip of the tongue.

In combination with:

– dark Equator Chocolate 70%, the earthy and pronounced acidity coming from this chocolate wrap on harmoniously both participants.

– a Gianduja with aromas from spéculos, cardamom and cinnamon create a flavourful retro-olfaction catching the aniseed hint.



2014 Hakuko Yodan Jikomi Junmai (Red Label), 15,5%

Nose: strong aroma remembers me at “Cuberdon” (a syrup with violet smell), lactose, banana jelly, cooked plum

Mouth: round and full-bodied, lightly cacao hint, long perception on the palate.

In combination with:

– a Macaronias Framboise, this dark chocolate from almond paste, covered in glace royale (meringue) with his fruity raspberry flavour, no doubt to make sure for a perfect pairing.

– dark chocolate Ganache soaked in vanilla from Madagascar goes unanimous together; fullness and velvety viscosity from the Sake spread out and hold a well-balanced gustation on the length.



Kamotsuru Itteki Nyukon, 15 – 16%

Nose: fresh morning dew (if you are an early riser), retained flowery fragrances of Freesia, white blossom petal and jasmine, dried tea leaves

Mouth: round and creamy

In combination with:

– dark Ganache and natural aromas from green tea; that’s like a springtime-dance. In this fusion the finest smell from tea leaves with his floral aroma maintains lovely the Sakes flowery fragrant bouquet.

– Macaronias Rose-Litchi

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